To Cheetah

I don’t know how to  tell you @cheetah
But sure, 3 times you come to my account make me think that Steemit said that “I don’t want you write on Stemit again zefy.”

Ok, i think i have to tell you something here that “I AM NOT  A PLAGIARIST”

Here is the story you come to my account.

This is the first visit from you

At the time i write about “Jeruk gerga”. My fault is i republish my post from a blog that i have deleted. I don’t know that @cheetah also can see the post that we have deleted. Ok, i’ll never repost my post that i have publish in a platform even i have deleted it. 

This is the second

I want to try using steempress. I buy a domain and begin play with wordpress. My fault is = i don’t deactive steempress plugin in my wordpress. I try a theme and i don’t know that the example posting from that theme post to steemit.

I just shocked when i see there’s @cheetah again. Oh My God.

This is the third

Come on @cheetah

I write about macaroni and you come to my post said about noodles.

Over all thanks for stopping by on my post @cheetah . Thanks for saving steemit from plagiarism. I will write better, i will not post something that i ever post on my blog even i have deleted it, and i hope not only me but you too. Please check again before judge. I hope steemit, @cheetah and me can be better than now. 

Zefy Arlinda

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